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6/14/08 – Furious Pete Czerwinski devastates competition at the N.E Pulled-Pork Sandwich Showdown

Dickey's Barbecue Pit Logo

For those that have doubted or second guessed the eating prowess of "Furious Pete" Czerwinski you need only to look at the incredibly dominating jaw dropping eating exhibition conducted by the 22 year old Canadian Body Builder and Engineer on Saturday, June 14th, 2008 at Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Dover Delaware. The Food Fight, consisted of two five minute qualifying rounds followed by a three minute championship speed round. Czerwinski, with the exception of 2nd place finisher Ian "The Invader" Hickman, easily consumed more 5.5 oz Pulled Pork Sandwiches in five minutes than than the other finalist were able to consume in 8 minutes! In the minds of many "Furious Pete" supporters, the Dickey’s NE Pulled Pork Sandwich Showdown Eating Championship represents a first step in his inevitable conquest to become North America’s #1 Food Warrior. However, Czerwinski, who dismisses the significance and importance of becoming the World’s Best Food Warrior, has been quoted as saying; "I could care less about being number one….I just want to keep having fun and I am honored and look forward to future competitions against the Great Menchetti and Goose Gilbert and other good AICE Eaters I will have the pleasure and privilege of meeting this summer…"  

*Each pulled-pork Sandwich weighed 5.5 oz

1. Furious Pete Czerwinski,                        Canada          17.0              $500

2. Ian ‘the Invader’ Hickman                        VA                  12.0              $250

3. James “Big Bess” Besser                       VA                   8.4               $100

4t. Ravenous Ray Gamble                           DELl                7.0

4t. Keith "Templeton the Rat" Koyanagi,   DELl                7.0

5   Spencer "The Green Machine"  Green  DEL                 6.3

6t. Wilson "Teege" Gillipsie                         DEL                 5.5

6t. Michael "The Sauce Man" Allen             DEL                 5.5

*** Pictures and full list of competitors will be posted real soon


6/12/-08 – The Balls keep bouncing at Bartolini’s, producing two more sub 3:00 minute qualifiers


Another brother team has tentatively qualified for the American Meatball Eating Championship on July 18th, 2008 by downing 12 Meatball’s each under 3:00 minutes.  Brad "Scooter" Kenney recorded the best time among yet among the qualifiers by eating his tasty Bartolini Meatballs in a remarkable 2:10 seconds while his brother Christopher "Corndog" Kenny (both of Joliet Illinois) gobbled down the tasty meat-treats in 2:41 seconds. To get the complete list of tentative qualifiers for the Midwest Meatball mayhem go to Bartolini’s web site: Bartolini Meatball Roster  where names and times are listed.


6/11/08 – Press Release

Dickey's Barbecue PitFood Warriors Coming to Dover posted on Delaware Online




6/11/08- Delaplane Strawberry Festival

Delaplane Strawberry Festival


Photos posted by the Fauquier Times-Democrat:  Photo Gallery

Article: Meet Your Neighbors: Big Dreams in the Big City (or at least Herndon)



6/18/08 – Obi-Wing-Kenobi takes PA Cup Cake Eating title in West Miflin


Five in one minute!!

 Tim "Obi-Wing-Kenobi" Cain sped through five cupcakes in only one minute at the Hot Metal Harley Davidson’s 1 year celebration.  Tim is requesting that during any future conversations you have with him, that you address him as the "Hot Metal Harley Cup Cake Hog".


6/9/08 – David "North Pole" Mitolo joins group of select few who have Conquered the "Outrageous Split" and enters AICE’s top 50

Congratulations to David "North Pole" Mitolo who recently conquered the Outrageous Split at BR Frozen Custard in Woodbridge Virginia.  "North Pole" was only the fourth person ever to eat this 6 LB(+) monster among 140 who have tried.  You can catch him in action at The Outrageous Split. where David finished with an official time of 25 Minutes. Also, "North Poles" eating credentials have been reviewed which consist of two top three finishes in very competitive amateur division contests and he absolutely deserves to be ranked.

David plans to compete in the Professional Division of the Bowie Baysox Baseball Eating Championship in July and also plans to catch some other local contests and should climb the ranks with a little more experience. 


6/8/08 – Chowhound’s notoriously inaccurate Predictions for Dickey’s North East Pulled Pork Sandwich Showdown Eating Championship, June-14th, 2008

Pulled Pork Sandwich**These are only Predictions
  1. Furious Pete Czerwinski 18.3 Sandwiches
  2 Ian “The Invader Hickman 16.9
  3 Joshua “Jabber Jaws” Currier 16.3
  4. Elliot The Savage Cowley 14.3
  5. James “Big Bess” Besser 12.2


6/7/08 – AICE has just heard from “Queen Guttress” AKA Elizabeth “Rubber-Gut” Candy

Highness of Hunger

Final details are being worked out and it is likely that her "Highness of Hunger" will be making at least one appearance in the near future.  No doubt this 99lb eating machine will have a make a big impact on the standings this summer. "Rubber Gutt" is currently ranked 6th in the Nation, but many feel that she is top 3 material and will be a major player this summer.

Elizabeth finishes off the 9LB Black Rock

Burger in 29 minutes in Yaphank NY Dec 07


6/6/08 – Philadelphia TV Station to cover Pulled Pork Sandwich Showdown Eating Championship on Father’s Day Weekend

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

AICE has not yet confirmed details, but the North East Pulled Pork Sandwich Showdown Eating Championship will be covered by a major Philadelphia News Station.  Although Dover would typically be out of the range of the Philly News Media, the line up of America’s best Food Warriors makes this opportunity as irresistible as a delicious Dickey’s Pork Pulled Sandwich.

OK Philly guys, come out and plaaayaaay!


6/5/08 – Windmill Restaurant to take a year off…will seek different venue for 2009

Hot dog

The famous New Jersey Hot Dog, the 1/4 LB Windmill Hot Dog will take one year off from their annual National 1/4 LB Hot dog Eating Championship in 2008.  Windmill and AICE send its apologies to the Food Warriors who had planned to attend this year.  Windmill Hot dogs has become a competitive eating destination and has had some real exciting contests over the years which has featured a "Who’s Who" in competitive eating.  Bar-A has been the venue for this event and has offered an exciting 20+ environment for the contest.  However, Windmill will be seeking a venue which is more akin to their target demographic of families and children for 2009 and beyond.


6/3/08 FYI

The the month of June has been designated by many food enthusiasts as National Dairy Month. So, go ahead and enjoy some some delicious dairy products like a long tall glass of cold milk, Big bowl of Frozen Custard and a super-duper Ice Cream cone. For all of those folks who are lactose intolerant, please accept our apology.  


6/3/08 – Desperate and scared, Pigs are running loose on streets and pastures of Ontario Canada!

PigsCanadian Police and public Officials from Ontario Canada have reported many sightings of domestic pigs, in an apparent state of despair, fright and panic, attempting to escape their dwellings. Citizens have reported that these pigs have been creating traffic problems as well as pedestrian havoc. Members of PETA and other Animal rights groups have not been able to identify the source of the chaos but promised to hold those responsible who have traumatized these apparently innocent pigs. We at AICE, have one question and possible lead for the brave Canadian Police: Where the heck is Pete Czerwinski…?"


6/3/08 – Joshua “Jabber Jaws” Currier is featured in Fayetteville Observer in article entitiled “Speed Eater Hopes to Devour Competition”

Jabber Jaws

Although we knew that Joshua is going to be a great Eater, its good to see that an article was written about this talented Food Warrior and that his community and local paper is now aware of it.   We guarantee that this will not be the last article that you read about Joshua "Jabber Jaws" Currier.  Fayetteville Observer: Speed eater hopes to devour competition  By April Johnston.   There is also a video of Joshua having a lunch

The restaurant is empty..Apparently Joshua

did not leave any food for other customers


6/1/08-Furious Pete says: "I can’t wait until July, Chowhound, I’m starving"

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

When Furious Pete’s friends and family stand next to him they can hear a loud, restless grumbling coming from his stomach.  It doesn’t matter how many restaurant challenges he conquers or buffets he puts out of business: The only thing that will cure this Champion Food Warrior’s hunger pain, is the opportunity to go bite-to-bite with North America’s best Gut Gladiators. Furious Pete Czerwinski is hungry darn it, and he plans to shock the world on father’s Day weekend, June 14th during the Dickey’s North East Pulled Pork Sandwich Showdown Championship in Dover Delaware on July 14th, 2008. . AICE Chairman, Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman states that the addition of Czerwinski to this first time event now creates an amazing match-up between the nations 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranked Food  Warriors…Chapman adds, "There is $850 on the table, but that’s not all, there will also be a million dollars in pride and bragging rights at stake!".


6/1/08 – New Rankings reflect excitement for upcoming seasons of Food Battles


There may be disagreement whether "Goose" Gilbert is the nations #1 Food Warrior or Gentlemen Joe should be ranked as the nations #1 Food Warrior.  However, competitive eating enthusiasts would have to agree that the new rankings feature a nice group of rising stars and several Food Warriors who have stepped up their game. In the category of new stars, there are two recent entrants into the rankings that shine particularly bright: "Furious Pete" Czerwinski and Joshua "Jabber Jaws" Currier. These two "Titans of Grubb" cannot be called rising stars because they went from obscurity to greatness in a flash and never were "rising" but instead, landed squarely in the middle of the competitive eating stage. The anticipation and excitement connected to Czerwinski and Currier and the impact they will have on the AICE landscape will be as huge as their appetites. Currier has already competed against America’s 3rd, 8th, 16th ranked Eaters and defeated them soundly. According to those that have viewed him in action, "Jabba Jaws" has an eating style that is powerful and steady. Speaking of powerful and steady,"Furious Pete" Czerwinsk who is also an acclaimed body builder, shocked the world of competitive eating in several video demonstrations where he either broke or set new world eating standards. Shortly after, "The furious one" blazed through the Collegiate Nationals and sent notice that he is, by far, the best collegiate eater in all of North America. Many of Pete’s friends, and competitive eating enthusiasts have asserted that Pete is not only the best collegiate food warrior in North America, but are ready to lay claim that "Furious Pete" could potentially be the best speed eater in the world. Of course, both of these new super stars will have the additional pressure of taking on America’s best and living up to the high expectations that have been set for them. Also, two Food Warriors who have stepped up their game considerably are Joel "the Cannon" Podelsky and "Sweet" Jill Stoler. "Her sweetness" has recently established a new female standard for pickles and also edged out 16th ranked Chris "The American" Schlesinger at the National Strawberry Eating Championship in Delapane VA. Jill has risen from the 49th position to the 35th position in America as a result of her fantastic early spring performances. In the past year, Podelsky, has captured a New Jersey Cheeseburger Eating title along with the Brooklyn Knish Eating Championship and teamed up with Gentleman Joe Menchetti to capture Team Eating hamburger title in New England. In addition, Podelsky distinguished himself in Chicken Wings. "The Cannon" is definatel a threat to break into the top 20 before 2009. Newcomers James Big Bess Besser (29th) and Karen "Seed-Sucker" Clark (44) have also been two very nice additions to the AICE stables.

Q.  So what states have the most Food Warriors in the top 50?

A.  NY, PA and OH are all tied with 6 eaters, followed by NJ-5 and VA– 4, NC & MI-3


5/30/08-Bartolini’s Meatball Qualifiers Getting Off to a Great Start!


The Meatball Mayhem is getting under way at Bartolini’s Restaurant with several respectable performances already being logged. Click Bartolini Meatball Roster to check out the times and running count of the top Meatball qualifiers and the standings for the the individual Meatball Maniacs. Food Warriors are timed eating 12 Meatballs. So far Mark "The Looper" Mullan leads the pack with an outstanding 2:51 followed by Michael "Pacman" Derong with 3:28 and Stephen Derong 5:21.

*Interesting Meatball Fact: Mark "The Looper" would have to maintain that same pace of (12 meatballs for 2:51) for 8 minutes in order to tie the 38 Meatballs-pace set by last years champ and record holder Tom "Goose" Gilbert.


5/30/08 – Rankings

Things have been real busy at AICE-HQ the Rankings have been updated.

5/28/08 – Goose Gilbert edges Gentleman Joe Menchetti for title of America’s #1 Competitive Eater


Gentleman Joe Menchetti and Tom "Goose" Gilbert clashed at Comcast Studios in Cambridge Massachusetts for the for the title of America’s #1 picnic style food warrior.  Their choice of battleground was the always difficult, unpredictable and slippery terrain of of Pumpkin Pie provided by Petsie Pies of Cambridge Massachusetts. These home made style pies, although delicious were especially challenging because of the thick homemade style crust and extremely rich flavor absent in most commercial Pumpkin Pies.  Despite the difficult landscape, both Food Warriors courageously battled the elements and showed the folks from the Chris Tabb Show that they both have the heart and stomach of champions. 

Check out article on the epic battle between AICE’s top Food Warriors, Menchetti & Gilbert: Competitive eaters inhale nearly 10 pound of pumpkin pie By Travis Andersen
GateHouse News Service posted by the Daily News Tribune. Photos by David Gordon.  Please note that totals were adjusted up from the amounts indicated in the article because the box that was used used for final calculations was not calculated and weighed .25lbs.    

1.  Tom "Goose" Gilbert              Hadley MA                   4.91LBS in five minutes    
2.  "Gentleman" Joe Menchetti   Wallingford CT              4.75 LBS


5/27/08 – The Pro & Amateur Division of the National Strawberry Championship can be viewed on Youtube.com

Delaplane Strawberry Festival

1) Pro Contest: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2450813277294662667&q=National+Strawberry+Eating+championship&ei=Bl87SMSwN5Cy-wGx6vzWAw&hl=en

2) Amateur: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2450813277294662667&q=National+Strawberry+Eating+championship&ei=Bl87SMSwN5Cy-wGx6vzWAw&hl=en


5/25/08   Rankings update coming soon

The Association of Independent Competitive Eaters will soon be updating its rankings.  AICE, who firmly believes that a rankings system should not be stagnant and should be updated as events occur and things change (even for a short period of time) will soon post updates that will reflect events that have occurred within the last week. Look for several eaters to be upgraded as well as a top 15 ranking for an unnamed, sensational new- comer.


5/24/08 – Shenandoah Strawberry Showdown a thriller; Menchetti snatches title and new super-star emerges

Delaplane Strawberry Festival

With only 25 seconds remaining most folks and the Delaplane Virginia Strawberry Festival thought they were witnessing one of the greatest upsets in Competitive Eating history as it appeared that sensational newcomer Joshua “Jabber Jaws” Currier had a three strawberry lead and would be the 2008 National Strawberry Eating Champion. In a scenario that has become all too familiar to defeated foes and fans alike, Gentleman Joe Menchetti seemed to say, “not so quickly youngster” and snatched the title from the 23 year old North Carolinia native with a 20 second eating furry that can only be described as incredible, if not slick. According to AICE Chairman Arnie “Chowhound” Chapman, “Menchetti is probably the craftiest competitive eater in the game….it’s rare that Joe will lose in a close battle and he seems to always know where his competitor is at all times…. even if he is three tables away.….” “However” ads Chapman, “The “Menchetti magic does not take away from the fact that AICE has discovered an amazing young Food Warrior in the name “Jabber Jaws” Currier..” Menchetti finished with a personal best of 7.86 LBS of Strawberries while Currier finished with 7.62 LBS.

Ian “The Invader” Hickman’s well publicized quest to bring home the title to his beloved home state of Virginia fell short despite a personal best of 6.705 LBS in the 7 minute contest. “The Invader” fought off a tough challenge from Pittsburgh’s Bob “Killer” Kuhn’s who barely missed finishing in the money and was one nibble behind Hickman as he officially logged 6.7 LBS of Strawberries. Joel “The Cannon” Podelsky, who had captured a NJ Cheeseburger title less than 24 hours earlier did a fantastic job by amassing a very respectable 5.535 LBs of Delicious Virginia grown Strawberries and may have improved his national ranking in the process. Kudos to James’ “Big Bess” Besser and Josh “Hungry Much?” Rutta , both, competing in their first professional debut, did a fine job by downing 4.46 lbs and 4.41 lbs, of Strawberries in 7 minutes. Also, in what has been a very good week for “Sweet” Jill Stoler who set the female record for Hard Sour Pickles last Wednesday, did a fine job by eating 4.41 LBS of Strawberries thus placing her among America’s finest Female Food Warriors. Speaking of great female food Warriors, Karen “Seed Sucker” Clarke broke her amateur record when she gobbled an amazing 3.9 LBS of Strawberries in five minutes. With such a great performance, it is likely that the lovely Karen “Seed Sucker” Clark will be moved up to the professional division in next years Shenandoah Strawberry Showdown. Thanks to Derek "Wing Tut" Payne whose emcee skills, sense of humor and knowledge of competitive eating makes him on of the best in the business.

Thanks to Marry Ann Paterson and her army of dedicated, upbeat volunteers who AICE would love to bring to all its contests.

1.  Gentleman Joe Menchetti, CT                    7.86    LBS in 7 minutes      $350

2.  Joshua "Jabber Jaws" Currier NC              7.62    LBS                         $250
3.  Ian "The Invader" Hickman                        6.705   LBS                        $100
4.  Bob "Killer" Kuhns                                    6.70

5  Joel :"The Cannon" Podelsky                     5.535
6t. James "Big Bess" Besser                          4.46                      

6t.  Sweet Jill Stoller                                      4.46
7. Chris "The American" Schlesinger             4.41
8. Josh "Hungry Much?" Rutta                       4.41

9. Tim Obei Wing Kanobi                               1.82

Amateur WinnerKaren "Seedsucker" Clark      3.9 LBS in only five Minutes!

*New amateur record


5-23-08 Joel "The Cannon" captures New Jesey Cheeseburger Eating Title

The Cannon

Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky who has had a great 2007 continued his momentum by capturing the Newark Bears Cheeseburger in Paradise title by downing 6 large Cheeseburgers in 10 minutes.  You can read a short write-up on the Newark

Bears website regarding the contest: http://newarkbearsblog.blogspot.com/2008/05/cheeseburger-eating-champion.html

Joel puts down the hammer on burger #6 and his hand is raised in victory by Bears Mascot

Thanks to Newark Bears for Photo


5/24/08 – The Collegiate Nationals on CBS College Sports Network

CBS Collegel SportsCollegiate NationalsReminder on May 25th from 2-3pm. – The Collegiate Nationals on CBS College Sports Network: (Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Snowboarding, Freeskiing, Flowboarding, and Eating)




5/23/08 – CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!!!!! Gilbert & Menchetti go head to head to determine America’s best


One of the most anticipated food fights in competitive eating history will occur on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 in Comcast Studios in Cambridge Massachusetts during the Chris Tabb Show. "Gentleman Joe" Menchetti & Tom "Goose" Gilbert will do battle in order to determine the Nations #1 Food Warrior. As the Nations top Eater, Menchetti has selected Pumpkin Pie (Five Minutes) as his weapon of choice to defend his current "Top Dog" status. This contest will occur at 5:00 PM at Comcast Studios and will be emceed by the highly spirited Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman. Although the winner will receive $250 it is the "Top Dog" designation that both Food Warriors hold dear to their stomachs and hearts and will make for an unbelievable contest. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet you better hurry up because all roads lead to Cambridge on May 28th, 2008.


5/24/08 – Chowhound’s famously inaccurate predictions (but not this time) for the National Strawberry Eating Championship

Delaplane Strawberry Festival

Joshua "Jabber Jaws" Currier will jolt the competitive eating radar screen on Saturday, May 24, 2008 when he is crowned the 3rd Annual National Strawberry Eating Champion at the Delaplane Strawberry Festival in Delaplane Virginia. Despite Ian "The Invaders" well publicized mission to bring the title to his beloved Virginia (The site of his birthplace and current residence) and the last minute entrance of the great Gentleman Joe’s Menchetti, "Jabber Jaws" will be victorious in this Shenandoah Valley Showdown. The only thing safe will be Goose Gilbert’s amazing, "off the charts" 9lb performance in 2007. However, predictions will place the young North Carolinian at 8.5 lbs.

In other Strawberry News, the Queen of Pickles, "Sweet" Jill Stoller will also enter the contest. Although she would be a dark horse, there is still much anticipation and excitement surrounding her entry as "Her Sweetness" has been building an impressive resume which includes a New Jersey Canoli Eating title, Female record holder for the hard sour pickle, and member of Team-USA that competed in Japan in December 2007.

1. Joshua "Jabber Jaws" Currier, NC 8.5 LBS
2. Ian "The Invader" Hickman, VA 7.2 LBS
3. Gentleman Joe Menchetti CT 6.8 LBS
4. James "Big Bess" Besser VA 5.8
5. Chris "The American" Schlesinger NY 5.7
6. "Sweet" Jill Stoler NY 4.6


5-21-08 Chowhound Chapman chomps his way to victory, sets New World Standard at World Pickle Eating Championship

Wood ChipperChowhound Chapman, using his trademark two-fisted "Wood Chipper" technique captured the World Pickle Eating Title and set a new standard for the 5-minute contest by consuming 3.15 lbs in five minutes. (However, Chapman’s 2006 victory would still be considered his most dominating pickle Performance, where he consumed 2.94 lbs in a 3:45 contest).  In second place, was Mike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman who downed an awesome 2.84 in five minutes to again, record one of the best "Pickle Eats" of all time. In third place was Richard "The Attorney" Levy who ate a stellar 2.64 LBS, followed by "Sweet" Jill Stoller who stepped up to the pickle bowl big time, and consumed an awesome 2.55 lbs.  Great Job by Sweet Jill, whose 2.55 LBS performance, in previous years,  would have won the contest.  Big thanks to all those who competed and showed the courage to battle the mighty hard sour pickle.

Note:  Some media sources may have received incorrect totals because the weight of the bowl was not calculated during the initial weighing to determine amounts consumed. United Pickle Steve Leibowicz adjusted the totals and was able to report back to some of the media sources the accurate totals.

Special thanks to Steve Leibowicz, Sandy Levine and the entire crew a Carnegie Deli & United Pickle for another great contest.

Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman      3.15 LBS   5 Minutes New World Record

Mike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman   2.84 LBS 

Richard "The Attorney" Levy          2.64 LBS

"Sweet" Jill Stoler                         2.55 LBS

Craig Presto                                  2..22 LBS

Mike Leyden                                  2.20  LBS

Zachary Sporn                               2.10  LBS

Larry "Special Delivery" Hou         1.75 LBS                      

Check out some videos for the Carnegie Deli world Pickle Eating Championship

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oORh5XWHS_s The Contest

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyWvHN8_eKU Chowhound’s Introduction

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DBG-egrJpk Sandy Levine discussing Rules

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zpg6Yf6X0v4 Sandy Introducing the Food Warriors


5/20/08 – The "Pickle Prophet’s" shocking 2008 Carnegie Deli World Pickle Eating Championship predictions


Get ready for the crowning of a new World Pickle Eating Champion. The Carnegie Deli Hard Sour Pickle Eating Championship has a history of shocking upsets  and 2008 will be no different. Mike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman will be the next Pickle Eating Champion and will set a new world record"..

 **These are predictions only.  We will have official results real soon

1.  Mike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman   3.2 lbs in Five Minutes

2.  Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman       3.1

3.  Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky          2.2

4. "Sweet" Jill Stoller                          1.9

AICE does not have the complete list of registrants at the time of this post.


5/20/08 – Dickey’s “Pulled Pork” Sandwich Eating Championships to Kick-off at June 14th, 2008

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and ALL Pro Eating Promotions are proud to announce the North East Pulled-Pork Sandwich Eating Championship on June 14th, 2008 at their Dover Delaware Location. Some of the Food Warriors who will be competing for the prestigious title of "Pulled-Pork Prince" are Ian "The Invader" Hickman, Chris "The American" Schlesinger and Elliot "The Savage" Cowley. There will be $850 in prize money for the top three finishers. Dickey’s Barbecue began in Dallas Texas in 1941 with a very simple but effective strategy: “Serve the best tastin’ barbecue imaginable, just the way people like it. And don’t make ‘em wait too long to get it.” This philosophy has been so successful that Dickey’s has grown to include almost every state in America. True to form, Dickey’s has remained a family business and has never compromised on the great quality and taste. AICE is truly honored to have been selected to sanction the North East Pulled-Pork Eating Championship and we cannot wait until we can devour the delicious and tender pulled pork that characterizes the Dickey’s eating experience.

On-line Registration for North East Pulled-Pork Eating Championship


5/19/08 – Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship

Collegiate NationalsGet ready to catch the excitement of the Collegiate Nationals on their recent trailer for the Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship: All You Can Eat! that occurred on April 12th, 2008 in San Diego California.

Catch the full coverage of the event on May 25th at 2:00pm on CBS

5/19/08 – Ian Hickman appears in news article

It seems like the media in Virginia cannot get enough of Ian Hickman who again, appears in the news in an article entitled "From Fried Zucchini to Frozen Custard Competitive Eating Champ devours it all" in the Observer of Northern Virginia.


5/16/08 – Food-Fight Rumors…..

**With the onset of spring time and the competitive eating season starting to kick in full gear AICE & All PRO EATING PROMOTIONS would like to contribute to the rumor mill regarding upcoming contests. Remember folks, these are just rumors.

#1 Rumor:

Gentleman Joe Menchetti to face off against Goose Gilbert at the end of May in a title match in order to determine the Nations #1 ranked Food Warrior.  This event is rumored to be taking place on cable access in Brookline Massachusetts. Should this be true then we are definitely talking about Rumors of a War…

#2 Rumor:  AICE will launch another first-ever-type Eating Championship with a major franchise on Fathers Day weekend in Dover Delaware

#3 Rumor:  Long Island will host the National Pasta Eating Championship in the middle of August 2008

#4 Rumor:  Texas time…….

OK, start talking, but you didn’t hear it from us!


5/16/08 – Article on 3rd Annual Bartolini’s American Meatball Eating Championship

Check out the article on the upcoming 3rd Annual Bartolini’s American Meatball Eating Championship: Winner of meatball eating contest to claim $3,000 appearing in Sun-Times News Group By Jim Hook, Staff Writer


5/16/08 – Article on National Strawberry Eating Championships

Ian The Invader appears in an article written by Greg Macdonald of the Fairfax County Times regarding his desire to capture the National Strawberry Eating championship: Herndon man seeks national strawberry-eating title


5/16/08 – ALL PRO EATING PROMOTIONS, AICE and Bowie Baysox announce the Baseball Food Eating Championship

Bowie Baysox BaseballALL PRO EATING PROMOTIONS, AICE and the Bowie Baysox are proud to announce the Baseball Food Eating Championship on July 20th, 2008 at Prince George Stadium in Bowie Maryland.

The Bowie Baysox are a AA affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The featured Food Warriors who will highlight this "clash of appetites" will be the well credentialed and 3rd ranked Ian "The Invader" Hickman from Herndon Virginia, who recently captured the National Frozen Custard Eating Championship. In addition, Cleveland’s own "Tiny Tim" Rauscheder who is currently ranked 13th by the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters and has victories against America’s best. Also, the 98 LB, 5′ 1" and 6th ranked Elizabeth "Rubber-Gut" Canady who recently defeated the Great Japanese Food Fighter "Sugawara" in Tokyo Japan and is one of the greatest distance Food Warriors in the World. In addition, Number five ranked, Mark Lyle "The Human Vacuum" who was recently crowned the National Fudge Brownie Eating Champion and is regarded as among the elite Food Warriors in the country will have his eyes and stomach fixed and focused on capturing the National Baseball Foods Eating Championship.

Stay tuned for more details on contest structure, format and food items.


5/15/08 – Update

Please note: Our website had listed The National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship finishers from 4-8th place incorrectly.They are now updated.


5/14/08 – Sad announcement….

On Sunday, May 11th Brian HoSang, the 24 year old son of Vincent and Jeanette HoSang passed away in a motorcycle accident in Pleasantville NY. The HoSang famiy who are the owners of Caribbean Food Delight, the Royal Caribbean Bakery and Jerk Q’zine were not only well known and respected n the Caribbean-American community for their authentic food but are also well known for their philantropic work in Jamaica and the United States. Brian, who worked along side his sister at several of the National Eating Championships that were sponsored by Caribbean Food Delights, recently began a leadership role in the family busines and was well liked by anybody who had the pleasure of meeting him. Brian who assisted in several AICE sanctioned eating championships will always be remembered for his pleasant personality, fun spirit and dedication to family and friends…… and of course, that great smile.





5/11/08 – Welcome back Mark Lyle! The Vacuum captures National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship


Mark Lyle who amassed an impressive resume of National Eating Titles, World Records and other eating accomplishments from 2005 through early 2007, has served notice that his 2007 hiatus from competitive eating is over and that he is ready to add a few more lines on his already impressive bib sheet. The appropriately named "The Human Vacuum" captured the crown in Cleveland Heights Ohio by taking down three pounds of brownies in only 4 minutes, 16 seconds and was the clear front-runner through out the entire fudge frenzy. In second place was "Tiny Tim" Rauscheder, the clear crowd favorite because of his cleveland roots and local popularity, put up a courageous fight and captured second place,downing three pounds in a stellar 5:36. In third place was Bob "Killer" Kuhns who got off to a slow start and could not catch the determined Rausheder and finished in 6:13. Big thanks to the folks of Channel 8, Fox News, Cleveland Ohio, for covering this exciting event.

1. Mark Lyle "The Human Vacuum" OH    3LBS    4:16    $200    New World Record
2. "Tiny Tim" Rauscheder OH                   3LBS    5:36    $100
3. Bob "Killer" Kuhns PA                          3LBS    6:16    $ 50
4. Kevin "Flash" Kodalski OH                    2.0       6:16

5. Tim "Obi-Wing-Kenobi" PA                   1.60      6:16
6. Derek "Wing-Tut" Payne PA                  1.35      6:16
7. Nathan"Boswell" Klingensmith PA        1.30      6:16
8. Robbie "Bob the Slob" Rauscheder OH 1.25      6:16


5/11/08 – Cleveland native, Kevin “Flash” Kordalski captures qualifier of National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship


Kevin "Flash" Kordalski, a Wooster College Student, powered his way through two pounds of Brownies (32 brownies) in 5:57 seconds to qualify for the finals of the National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship on Saturday May 10th at the NE Chocolate Festival in Cleveland Heights Ohio. In second place was Josh "Hungry Much?" Mark who amassed 1.75 of Fudge Brownies (28 Brownies)in 7:00 Minutes, followed by Robby "Bob the Slob" Rausheder with 1.5 lbs (24 Brownies) in 7:00 Minutes. The final qualifying spot went to Nathan "Boswell" Klingensmith who consumed 19 Brownies and the final spot for Sundays National Championship. Kudos to Steven "Sonny" Bonno, Brian "Bear" Mcginnis, Susan "Scwhartzy" Schwartz, Kelsey Letizio for their courageous decision in doing battle with the mighty Fudge Brownie which ranks among competitive eatings most difficult and challenging food items.

5/11/08-Tiny Tim adds Blueberry Pie to his resume.

Check out the article:http://www.tribune-chronicle.com/page/content.detail/id/505138.html?nav=5021


5/9/08- ChowHound’s Notoriously Wrong Predictions for National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship

Eaters will each receive 3 one pound plates of Brownies. First Food Warrior to finish wins

Lyle 6 min 47 sec

Tiny 7 min 14 sec

Wing Tut 8 min 58 sec

Obi-Wing 10 min 32 sec

Check in for contest begins at 2:30pm


5/9/08- Rules to the National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship

National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship Rules of the competition have been posted

5/9/08 Article on the Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship

Pete just wrote an article about the Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship.. Please post with the following sentence:

Pete Czerwinski recently submitted an article to Bodybuilding.com about his recent experience at the Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship on Saturday April 12: Five Pounds of Fast Food in Five Minutes


5/7/08-Bold New Look of Kohler and Bartolini’s

Bartolini'sCheck out Bartolini’s website where they have featured the upcoming American Meatball Eating Championship. In addition there is info regarding how to qualify, break down of prize money and slide show of the previous two contest and other great info.

5/7/08- Furious Pete Czerwinski was recently interviewed on 102.1"The Edge" in Ontario Canada where he demonstrated his eating skills by destroying 125 Chicken Wings


5/6/08 – The North East Ohio Chocolate Festival

BrowniesThe North East Ohio Chocolate Festival technically begins on Thursday, May 8, 2008 from 6:30 p.m. and 8:20 p.m..
Film Premier – "Death, Taxes…and Chocolate." This exclusive film premier of the independent dark comedy by A. Levinson Film is being shown at the Cedar Lee Theater with two showings at 6:30 p.m. and 8:20 p.m. Tickets are pre-sale $20.00, on the day of the show $25.00. Wine and chocolate reception to follow at Jimmy O’Neill’s Tavern also on Lee Road. All attendees to the film premier get a ticket to the festival.


5/2/08 – Meatball Updates

Bartolini'sMeatball Updates: Bartolini’s "ups the ante" another thousand dollars and ALL PRO responds

-Please , No Food Drinkers!

-Rules, addresses have been posted in event section

Great News! The 3rd Annual Bartolini’s American Meatball Eating Championship has just given first time Food Warriors another thousand reasons to compete in the contest. Specifically, if a first time or Amateur contestant wins the American Meatball Eating Championship they will get an additional thousand dollars for a grand total of $4,000!

ALL PRO EATING, not wishing to be outdone by its generous sponsor, Bartolini’s, has responded to this great news by announcing that in addition to the $1,000 bounty for defeating America’s best Food Warriors they will also receive sponsorship to another National Eating Championship. Please note: Eaters competing in IFOCE-MLE sanctioned Food drinking contests within the past 12 months will not be eligible to participate in this event. Food Drinkers attempting to enter the Meatball qualifiers at Bartolini’s or fraudulently qualifying for the American Meatball Eating Championship will be immediately disqualified and forfeit any prize money. MLE Food Drinkers wishing to come as spectators to witness the beauty and glory of picnic style rules should feel free to attend.

The Contest rules have just been posted…

Also, addresses of location for qualifiers and Championship Eating event have also been posted in event section.

Check out Kohlers funny advertisement of the upcoming American Meatball Eating Championship: Radio ad


4/28/08  Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky to enter National Strawberry Eating Championship

4-28-08 World Pickle Eating Contest Media Coverage

Just heard from Steve Leibowicz of United Pickle who said that CNN World News will be covering the 2008 Carnegie Deli World Pickle Eating Championship. Also, Steve reports that the Editor in chief of the Men’s Health Magazine will also be competing with monitors hooked up to his body in order to investigate what happens after mass Pickle consumption.  There is one particular "process" that will definitely occur when the "Good Editor" battles the mighty 1/2 Sour NY Deli Pickle.  Also, we have only one thing to say to him: "Get in line, buddy!"


4/26/08- Fudge Brownie "Food Fight" getting closer and Cleveland pride begins to swell

BrowniesThere is the usual anticipation that precedes the start of any National Eating Championship. Add the fact that Cleveland stomachs, eyes and taste-buds have been denied a Chocolate Festival for 30 years and the North East Ohio Chocolate Festival on Mothers Day Weekend, May 10th 11th, 2008 is guaranteed to be a Chocolate explosion of joy, excitement and perhaps a little over-indulgence. Also, adding to the excitement will be the first ever National Eating Championship for Fudge Brownies. No doubt that seeing grown men & women enjoying the fudge frenzy, whether they are entering the eating contest or sampling the many chocolate delights, will likely result in a bliss reminiscent of joyful childhood. Part of this explosion will be in the form of both Professional and amateur Cleveland Food Warriors who are seeking the prestigious title and glory of National Fudge Brownie Eating Champion as much for their beloved Cleveland as they are for themselves. Cleveland, which is known to have a suffering fan base because of its many struggles associated with their professional teams will personify this well known Cleveland attitude of suffering and discontent as they try to gain and call their own" the title of "National Fudge Brownie Eating Champion". AICE Chairman, Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman warns, "Expect many spirited Clevelandites in Cleveland Brown(ie) uniforms strongly supporting the local Food Warriors…..Coondog O’Karma will have his hands full officiating this event..". Leading the charge for Cleveland honor and pride will be none other than #17 ranked Tiny Tim Rauscheder who is regarded as Cleveland’s #1 Food Warrior and among Ohio’s very best. "Tiny Tim" nearly missed capturing a National Pierogie Eating Championship in June of 2007 and is determined to defeat several of the other professional eaters who will also belly up to the table such as Columbus Ohio native and 8th Ranked Mark Lyle "The Human Vacuum",   Baltimore Pasta Eating Champion, Derek "Wing-Tut" Payne and Pittsburgh Burrito Eating Champ James "Food Prowler" Fowler. Also, First time Food Warriors who have pledged to fight to the finish are Anthony Demarco, Fasel Mohamed, Chris Wiley, Adam Raettner, Thomas "Two-Tons"Albertelli and Josh Mark.


4/25/08 Rising stars to enter National Strawberry Eating Championship

James "Big Bess" Besser and Joshua "Jabber-Jaws Currier who gave Gentleman Joe Menchetti a run for his money in a recent Hamburger eating contest in North Carolina will both be competing in the upcoming National Strawberry Eating Championship on May 24th, in Delaplane Virginia.  These two young Food Warriors have both distinguished themselves in their very first competition and will definitely be in the mix on Saturday May 24th at Sky Meadow Park in "Hunt Country" Virginia.  Both of these guys will soon be featured in the Eaters to Watch section.


4/25/08-Meatball Update


-New Location-venue

-2008 features qualifiers at Bartolini’s Restaurant

-Credentialed Food Warriors seeking byes

Once again the balls will be bouncing in Midlothian Illinois on July 18th when the Bartolini’s 3rd Annual American Meatball Eating Championship returns.  This year’s venue will be the St. Christopher’s Parish 61st Annual Fiesta in Midlothian Illinois. Also, by popular demand, the Ms. America Meatball Talent Contest will be in full swing. This years eating contest will include qualifiers at Bartolini’s Restaurant starting from now until July 2008. Contenders for the American Meatball Eating Championship must drop by Bartolini’s, pay $20 dollars and eat 12 delicious Balls.  Their time will be recorded and the Eaters with the best times will earn a spot at the American Meatball Eating Championship. The $20 entrance fee will go to the St. Vincent’s DePaul & St. Stevens Food Pantry’s.  Credentialed Eaters seeking a bye into the Championship contest on Friday July 18th, 2008 should contact AICE and request a bye.  Out of state Eaters who have credentials could possibly receive byes into the finals but also must request a bye and explain why they deserve a bye.

Prize Structure for American Meatball Eating Championship:  $3,000, $1,000, $500 .

Kohler Plumbing Supplies a well known national plumbing supply company and proud co-sponsor of Bartolini’s 3rd Annual American Meatball Eating Championship in Midloathian Illinois will be doing a radio spot for a it’s new "Class five flushing technology" that is inspired by competitive eating and is a testament to its strength, power, design and endurance. AICE will post the link as soon as we get it.


4/22/08 Get ready for a Maryland Eating Championship on July 20th!

Clipart Baseball MittALL PRO EATING PROMOTIONS will soon release the details of an AICE sanctioned National Eating Championship occurring in Maryland…

All we can say is;  "Take me out to the ball game…."


BR Frozen Custard & SweetsCatch the exciting videos of the Amateur division contest at BR Frozen Custard National Eating Championship in Woodbridge Virginia on April 12th, 2008.  Thanks to "North Pole" Mitolo and "Big Bess’ for their contribution.  It is worth noting that there are two recordings of the same contest except that the video entitled "Doing what I do best!" also includes the administration of the sacred picnic style oath. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HZiY4AXfbM&feature=related  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPxrycErDHs&feature=related  There is a video of the Pro contest but it has to be converted and downloaded and we hope to have it up soon.

Also, we will have a great picture gallery of the event posted real soon.  Thanks Rory and Barbara for the great pics!


4/21/02-Rankings Update:

All Pro LogoALL PRO EATING has just updated it’s rankings. With the debut appearances of several fine Eathaletes you will notice some new names such as

James "Big Bess" Besser, "Furious" Pete Czerwinski and Ryan "Big-Mac" Mcmillian in the update



4/21/08 Meatball Mayhem Update:

AICE will soon be posting some terrific news regarding the 3rd Annual Bartolini’s American Meatball Eating Championship. Kohler Plumbing Supplies will co-sponsor the event and the prize structure will be $3,000, $1,000, $500 .
We promise to have the details real soon!


4/21/08 – Article about “Furious” Pete Czerwinski

There is a fantastic article about eating phenom "Furious" Pete Czerwinski.  Pete currently lends his experience and advise to others who are struggling with anorexia.  We commend Pete for both his courage and his heart. Can’t beat Pete for eating by Scott Radley, The Hamilton Spectator

UK Feels the pain

University of Kentucky Sports Radio recently lamented the loss of their Eating Champion and number one seed Christian "Muscox" McCarthy. Go to “Muscox” McCarthy upset by “Iron” Pete Czerwinski by Thomas Beisner


4/20/08 – 1st National Collegiate Eating Championship, San Diego California

Collegiate NationalsCanada’s Furious Pete Czerwinski broke through the gates and into the plates downing 3 1/2 plates of burgers, fries and hot dogs at the First Nation Collegiate Eating Championship in San Diego

The table was set for the finals: Christian “Muscox” McCarthy (Kentucky), “Iron” Pete Czerwinski (McMaster), Carey “Powerhouse Poehlman (Montgomery Country CC), Brian “Eatin” Keaton (Maryland), Darrin “D Money” Wolff (San Diego City), Ryan “Big Mac” McMillan (Mesa) and Chris “Scary Spice” Hanson (Grossmont/SDSU) all vying for the $1000 1st prize and claim for themselves and their school of being the First National Collegiate Eating Champ

Each Food Warrior was given Wave House platters, which consisted of two cheeseburgers, two hot dogs, and a handful of French fries. Food Warriors had to devour as many platters as possible in seven minutes, using picnic style rules (no mushing, mashing, dunkin’).

1st Place:  Furious Pete Czerwinski, 3 1/2 plates

2nd Place: Christian "Muscox" McCarthy, 2 plates, 1 hot dog

3rd Place: Ryan "Big Mac" McMillan, 2 plates, 7/8 hot dog

4th Place: Carey "PowerHouse Poehlman, 2.1 plates

5th Place: Brian "Eaton Keaton, 2 plates

6th Place: Chris “Scary Spice” Hanson, 1 plate

7th Place: Darrin “D Money” Wolf, DNF

Article:  O Canada!  written by Raymond Ayala


4/19/08- Results of qualifier on 4/18 for the National Collegiate Eating Championship

Collegiate NationalsRyan "Big Mac" McMillan, 25, of Mesa College won, downing 2 pounds of french fries in 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

 Ryan"Big Mac" McMillan, Mesa; Darrin Wolff, San Diego City College; Josh Ballard, San Diego State; Chris Hanson, Grossmont/SDSU all advance to the finals today at Wavehouse

Four Local Eaters Qualify for Final, written by CNN staff

They have a bellyful, by Michael Stetz, Union-Tribune staff writer

Crowning a collegiate national chomp; by Michael Hiestand, USA Today


4/18/08- National Collegiate Eating Championship articles on event being held in San Diego Ca

Collegiate NationalsOklahoman Sports columnist Jenni Carlson weighs in on the upcoming Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship Check out her comments at Eatin’ It Up

From the Mississauga Newspaper in Ontario Canada where "Iron Pete" Czerwinski gets ready for Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship:

He steaks his reputation on speed

Jonathan Pitts from the Baltimore Sun features Brian "Eatin" Keaton who will be making his bid to become the Collegiate Nationals Eating champion

Chewing through competition

Pete Yoon from the Los Angeles Times also announces the first ever Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship: scroll down to Food Fight

4/18/08- AICE has heard from "Tiny Tim Rauscheder" who plans to compete in the American Meatball Eating Championship and the World Reuben Eating Championship in July. Also, "Tiny" who is a cleveland native, will be seeking the National Fudge Brownie Eating Championship where he will clearly have a home court advantage.


4/17/08-Chowhound’s notoriously inaccurate predictions for Collegiate National Eating Championship

Collegiate Nationals7- Minute Food Fight

"Iron" Pete Czerwinski                       McMaster University                    6.0 Plates  (12 HD’s, 12 Cheeseburgers, 1.5 LBS of French Fries)

Christian "Muscox" McCarthy             University of Kentucky                4.75 Plates

Brian "Eatin" Keaton                          University of Maryland                 4.10 Plates

Carey "Powerhouse" Poehlmann        Montgomery County CC              4.0 Plates

This will be the Pete Czerwinski and the "Welcome to Canada" coming-out party. The decisive victory by this 22 year old Body Builder, Adventurer and Engineering Student will not only symbolize the emergence of the strong Canadian Dollar but will also mark the beginning of an invasion of great Canadian Competitive Eating talent that will challenge and defeat many great American Eaters in 2008.  No longer will those competitive eaters south of Niagara Falls be able to take the rugged and tough Canadian Food Warriors for granted. Get use to it America, not even strict boarder enforcement will keep these northern invaders away from our precious parcels of food.

4/12/08 – Sports Illustrated, “What I’m Looking Forward To…”

SI.com’s (Sports Illustrated) Richard Deitsch says he would put his money on Muscox McCarthy in his column, Media Circus where he reports on the upcoming Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship in San Diego California, next Saturday April 19th, 2008. Deitsch writes his report under the heading of "What I’m Looking Forward To…." (scroll down to see article) Also, it seems that "Picnic Style" rules seems to be catching the interest of America.


4/12/08-Article on Elliot “The Savage”

The article is appearing on Philly.com: Scroll to We All Scream



4/12/08   Hickman barely holds on by a spoonful to claim title

Ian "the Invader" Hickman, spooned and dug his way through 5.5 lbs of Frozen Vanilla custard to capture the first ever BR National Frozen Custard Eating Championship in Woodbridge Virginia. Hickman barely edged out a ferocious and always unpredictable Elliot "The Savage" Cowley who amassed 5.42 lbs and once again barely missed a National Eating Championship.  In third place was Chris "The American" Schlesinger with 4.1lbs followed by Derek "Wing-Tut" Payne with 3.2 lbs.  Also, the Amateur Division featured a great contest with the top three Food Warriors putting up very respectable numbers.  Woodbridge Virginia native James "Big Bess" Besser ate a very impressive 3.0 of Frozen Vanilla Custard in only 4 Minutes and 10 seconds, which made some of the Pro Eaters glad he he was not competing in the Professional Division where he would have likely finished third.  Look for this talented young eater to further distinguish himself in future eating competitions.  Also, of note in the Amateur division, was the 6′  225 LB, 15 year old Rory "Big Bruiser" Frank (The son of owners Barb and Rory Frank) who awed the crowd by finishing three pounds in 4:40 seconds.  "Big Bruiser" just might be the best 15-year-old custard connoisseur in America. In the spirit of sibling rivalry younger brother Kayleb "Whooped Cream" Frank, only 13 years of age, consumed a remarkable 2.29 lbs of Frozen Custard in five minutes.  Apparently, the Frank family not only makes the world’s best frozen custard, they also know how to eat it. In another family affair David "North Pole" Mitolo established himself as supreme among family members in the custard discipline as he defeated his Father-In-Law, Darryl "Poppy Forsythe" (Who promised that he would school his young Son-in-law in the art of custard consumption) and captured third place in the Amateur division by eating a very respectable 2.58 lbs of Frozen custard in only five minutes. Although it is AICE’s policy to foster harmonious family relationships we are not sure what the fall-out from this victory will be in regards to future interactions between "North Pole" and the family patriarch "Big Poppy" Forsythe.  In the Kids Division, which was a two-minute contest, 9-year old Christian Salazar nearly completed a large 1LB bowl of Vanilla Custard to take first place among a group of eager challengers.

Final note:  If you have never had BR Frozen Custard you must try it.  Unlike many of their competitors, BR makes their own Frozen Custard and sweets on location, using only the best ingredients. Barb & Rory Frank get their ingredients and raw materials  from Pennsylvania farm country, so you know that the richest, creamiest best tasting custard awaits you.  We are not just saying this because they sponsored the National Frozen Custard Eating Championship, we are saying this because the stuff is absolutely awesome. We must warn you, however, that once you have sampled their frozen custard you may experience extreme disappointment in any other custard you may eat afterwards.

Final Standings

Professional Division: 6 minute contest

1. Ian "The Invader: Hickman             5.50 LBS        $250

2. Elliot "The Savage" Cowley-Maruffi   5.42 LBS        $100

3. Chris "The American" Schlesinger     4.10 LBS        $ 50

4. Derek "Wing-Tut" Payne                   3.20 LBS

Amateur Division: 3lbs or five minutes

1. James "Big Bes" Besser    3.00  LBS in 4:10 seconds    $50

2. Rory "Big Bruiser" Frank      3.00  LBS in  4:40 seconds     $15

3. David "North Pole" Mitolo     2.58 LBS in 5 five Minutes      $10

Thanks to the following contestants for their courage in battling the Frozen Tundra of Vanilla Custard: Darryl "Poppy" Forsythe, Kayleb "Whooped Cream" Frank, Mike "Saber Tooth" Drzewucki, David "Big Bowls" Bohl, Martha "The Mouth" Pague, Keith "K-Hutch" Hutchison

Kids Division Winner: 2 minute contest

Christian Salazar $20 Dollar Gift Certificate



Collegiate NationalsSports Columnist Neil Best writes about upcoming Collegiate National Eating Championship in San Diego California on April 18th, 19th, 2008. 

Check it out: I ate a six-egg omelet at 3am one night in 1980 http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/watchdog/blog/2008/04/i_ate_a_sixegg_omelet_at_3_am.html#more

LA Daily News Columnist Tom Haffarth writes about the upcoming first ever Collegiate Nationals Eating Contest at the following link: MEDIA: Augusta isn’t a real rib-tickler for CBS’ David Feherty, scroll down to bottom of article

Muscox interviewed in two Kentucky Newspapers regarding upcoming Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship:

-Eric Lindsay of The Kentucky Kernel Newspaper (UK’s Newspaper) recently wrote an article on Christian McCarthy’s upcoming participation in the Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship in San Diego california on April 19th, 2008.   Go to the following link and check it out! Satisfying the need to feast

-Also, you can read more about Christian’s quest for the Collegiate Nationals Eating Title by going an article written by the Courier-Journal by going to:
No guts, no glory for these guys


4/12/08 – Article on National Brownie Eating Championship


Amanda Garret of the Sun Press in Cleveland Ohio, has written an article on the upcoming National Brownie Eating Championship called

"You can fudge on brownie eating Competition"


4/11/08 – Philadelphia Inquirer article on Elliot “Savage” Cowley

BR Frozen Custard & SweetsApparently, Elliot the Savage" Cowley will be appearing in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding his attempt this weekend to capture the first ever National Frozen Custard Eating Championship.  Also, Elliot will be defending the reputation of New Jersey Custard aficionados who claim that the New Jersey Board Walk Custard experience is the mecca of frozen Custard.  Ian "The Invader", however, will be defending the honor and integrity of the world’s best Frozen custard known as BR Frozen Custard and Sweets of New Bridge Virginia.


Predictions: First Annual National Frozen Custard Eating Championship

You better get used to it. Ian The Invader” Hickman will continue to consume -up jaw dropping quantities in 2008. Many of if us are still in a state of shock over Ian’s 10 LB (+) Chili record-breaking performance in Canton Ohio this past February and will get some of the same treatment this weekend in Woodbridge Virginia during the National Frozen Custard Eating Championship. After all is said and done. The fine folks of Woodbridge VA be absolutely shocked and wondering how the heck the 6’1” 165 lb Hickman ate so much darn custard! Again, get ready for another Hall of Fame performance by Hickman.

Ian “The Invader” Hickman                 8.7 LBS

Elliot “The Savage” Cowley-Maruffi     6.9 LBS

Derek “Wing Tut” Payne                    6.3 LBS

Chris “The American” Schlesinger      5.1 LBS




All Pro Eating Promotions LogoIt must be said however, that the best moments were those spent with ALL the wonderful people who made these events possible. It is this type of contribution from Fans, Friends, Eaters and Supporters that allowed us to live up to our organizational motto: “AICE, an Eaters Organization with a heart as big as it’s stomach.” It is this fellowship and the desire to “never grow up” that fuels the AICE engine. Also, AICE believes that the delicious silliness and comic relief, that is only possible through Competitive Eating, is exactly what is needed during this difficult time of a slowing economy and world crisis. AICE will continue to work hard to develop events and assist charities and other non-profit organizations in their fund raising efforts while also trying to develop events, which will occupy the landscape of competitive Eating and promote Competitive Eating as a viable marketing tool. Also, we seek to continue our work of restoring integrity and trust among the Eaters and the business community.

AICE gives a word of advice to the Competitive Eating Community: Whatever you do, “IT’S GOTTA BE FUN!”


4/7/08-What about the Strawberries! Strawberry Activists demand equal time

Delaplane Strawberry FestivalOK, there is all this delightful conversation about such heavenly delights as Fudge Brownies and Frozen Vanilla Custard that folks are forgetting about Strawberries and the 3rd Annual National Strawberry Eating Championship in Delaplane Virginia on May 24th, 2008 at Sky Meadow State Park. Also, when we talk about delightful, how can we forget the beautiful Virginia Hill-Country where this delicious sweet event occurs? We here at AICE HQ’s realize that it might be difficult and overwhelming to have to imagine all the sweet, delectable events that are occurring over the next 6 weeks. As difficult as it might be, Strawberry Advocates are demanding equal time at CompetitiveEaters.com. With this mandate (or dictate) from our Strawberry Activists we are asking that all Food Warriors (Or Food Warriors to be) please register for the contest and let us know about their pursuit of Strawberry Glory.


4/4/08 Coming soon

Chowhound’s famously inaccurate predictions for Frozen Custard and the CSTV, CBS Collegiate Nationals.


4/4/08-The proverbial "College Plate" has been set for the Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship on April 19th, 2008

Collegiate NationalsCollegiate Nationals Eating Championship in San diego California will feature plates containing two-Cheeseburgers, two-Hotdogs and 1/4 LB of French Fries. The Food Warrior who consumes the most plates in seven minutes will be the National Collegiate Eating Champion and $1,000 dollars richer. Second place will be $500 and third $250. If any of the top three finishers finish with the same amount of plates, the eater with the least amount (determined by weight) will win. According to AICE Chairman, Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman. "The plate concept which features three different food types, gives this event an academic and mental dimension that will challenge the intelligence of the Collegiate Food Warriors because they must decide how to approach the remaining items on their plate in the most adventitious way." Chapman adds, "The decision to go for the French Fries versus’s the Hotdogs could be a decision with consequences as huge as their appetites."


4/3/08 – Articles on upcoming National Frozen Custard Eating Championship

BR Frozen Custard & SweetsMr. Warren Rojas, Food Editor for Northern Virginia Magazine has just written an article entitled Bring on the Brain freeze about the upcoming National Frozen Custard Eating Championship in Woodbridge Virginia on April 12th, 2008, sponsored by BR Frozen Custard & Sweets. Check it out

Journalist Jody Fellows from the Falls Church News Press has announced the National Frozen Custard Eating Championship as her "Jam of the Week". We agree with Jody and believe that it will be a deliciously fun event that you don’t want to miss!


4/2/08-BR showing the power of Frozen Custard to bring together Families

BR Frozen Custard & SweetsAICE has just heard from Big Darryle "Poppy" Forsythe who has testified that he is entering the Amateur division of BR Frozen Custard & Sweets National Frozen Custard Eating Championship because his Grandson will only eat custard from BR Frozen Custard and is the "Little Prince of Custard" and knows his stuff! . . Also, "Poppy" says that BR Frozen Custards is the only frozen custard that has the ability to satisfy his pregnant daughters cravings. Also, Big "Poppy" adds, he needs to show his Son-in- Law who the real "Daddy" of Frozen Custard is on April 12th, 2008 at BR Frozen Custard & Sweets in Woodbridge Virginia.

Please note there is no longer a $10 entrance fee for this event

The question remains, however, will the "Little Prince/Princess of Custard" enter the Children’s division of the National Frozen Custard Eating Championship..?

Ok, we are getting a ton of questions about what is the difference between Ice Cream and Frozen Custard? Well, here is the link which can help you clarify. Click Here

Who knows?, some of these facts could appear as questions during AICE’s popular trivia segment at BR Frozen Custard in Woodbridge Virginia.


4/1/08 – Upcoming World Reuben Eating Championship

4/1/08- Check out Pastrami Joe’s Blog about the upcoming World Reuben Eating Championship. there is a cool article about Jake "The Butcher’s on July 19th, 2008, as well as previous write-ups regarding the first and second annual contests.


3/29/08 More than just a Chocolate Festival

BrowniesFind out why Mothers Day Weekend, May 10th & 11th in Cleveland Heights Ohio will be so darn sweet! 

An Exciting New Festival is Coming to the Greater Cleveland Area That is All About Chocolate: Click for Article


3/29/08- Collegiate Nationals Update:

Collegiate NationalsThere is an article regarding the upcoming Collegiate Nationals which describes competitive eating as "The College Favorite". As mentioned in the article the Collegiate Nationals, an Olympic style event, will begin airing on CBS Collegiate Sports Network (CSTV) May 26th. 2008.

Brian Keaton is featured in an article "Big League Eater" written by Kristi Tousignant in the University of Maryland school newspaper called the Diamond Back in regards to his participation in the upcoming Collegiate Nationals Eating Championship scheduled for April 19th, 2008.


3/29/08-Nat’l Frozen Custard Eating Championship to Debut in Woodbridge VA

BR Frozen Custard & SweetsPress Release: BR Frozen Custard & Sweets and ALL PRO EATING Promotions will join forces for the first ever National Frozen Custard Eating Championship on Saturday April 12, 2008. Multi-title Holder and World Record Holder for the Ice Cream Sunday Ian "The Invader" Hickman, from Sterling Virginia and several other ranked "Eathaletes" will Lead the charge in this 6-minute sanctioned championship-eating extravaganza. In addition, Elliot "The Savage" Cowley who is a New Jersey Ice Cream Eating Champion and has a victory against the Hickman, will also be seeking to capture the National Frozen Custard Eating Championship. The well traveled and credentialed New York native, Chris "The American" Schlesinger will also belly up to the table in search of custard glory. In addition Derek "Wing Tut" Payne who is a Baltimore Pasta Eating Champion will also ski the delicious slopes of custard paradise. Alex "Texas Tornado" Thomas has informed AICE that his military obligations may prevent him from entering and he will have to play it by ear. AICE has contacted the Department of Defense in hopes of getting Thomas cleared for this event. The stakes are very high because in addition to $400 in prize money, the winner will be be recognized as America’s #1 Vanilla Custard connoisseur. Also scheduled, is a Kids (8-12) Custard Eating Contest, Custard Trivia Contests and guaranteed fun for the whole family. Event will begin at 12:00 noon.

Schedule of events


3/27/08 Lehrman Bows out of World Pickle Eating Championship

Don "Moses" Lehrman states that he will not participate in the 2008 World Pickle Eating Contest at the Carnegie Deli.  Lehrman states that his capacity is not where he would like it to be and will not be competing.  We are at a lost to understand this considering that the contest is five minutes long and many of the other contestants such as "Chowhound" Chapman, Mike "The Real Skinny’ Hoffman and others would never withdraw because they have not done any "special capacity training" other than missing a meal to get ready for an eating contest. Also, the number of contests that Chowhound, the returning champ has done in the last 18 months can be counted on one hand.  It would seem that some of the "Food Drinkers" from MLE will go to any length to avoid facing the mighty, AICE Eaters. 


3/27/08 Steak Record Broken….?

It has been reported by the Guerilla marketing website "Eatfeats.com" that Joey Chestnuts has broken Frank Pastore’s Big Texan 72 oz, steak record in Amarillo Texas by consuming the Steak and sides under nine minutes.  Apparently, this was a PR attempt at diminishing Furious Pete Czerwinski’s record of consuming the Steak segment in under 7:30 minutes.  In our minds, Pete is the true "Mr. Steakly" because he downed the steak without subjecting his body to potentially life threatening preparation and training.  Perhaps Pete’s new moniker should be "The Natural".


3/26/08-Date set for 10th Annual National Windmill 1/4 LB Hot Dog Eating Championship

Windmill Logo

Special appearance of Japanese Food Fighters rumored…

Mark your calendar for the 10th Annual National Windmill 1/4 lb Hot Dog Eating Championship on August 9th, 2008 in South Belmar New Jersey. In February, the Japanese trio of Miyake, Yamamoto & Izumi were seen eating Windmill Hotdogs before the World’s Biggest Hamburger Eating Contest. Is it possible that this trio or another group of Japanese Food Fighters will make an appearance at this years event….? If so, can we expect returning Champion and record holder Ian "The Invader" Hickman to eat 20 of these meat monsters in 2008? If the Japanese do compete this year its a good bet that a new record will prevail.


3/25/08 – Pickles

PickleMike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman who holds the record for the second best Pickle Eating performance ever by a human being when he consumed 2.6 lbs of hard sour pickles at the Carnegie Deli in only 3:45 seconds in 2006, has contacted AICE.  Hoffman stated his intention to not only to eat 4 lbs of pickles but to also be crowned the next World Pickle Eating Champion.  Mike, who has never been known to brag about past or future eating performances should be considered a legitimate threat to raise the proverbial "pickle bar" to a whole new level (assuming that the contest isn’t shortened like it was in 2006). Chapman, who was informed of Hoffman’s intent responded that, "Mike has a good chance of winning the crown and I better be bringing my A-game, otherwise "Real Skinny" is capable of crunching and crushing my bid to repeat as the prince of pickles."


3/25/08-TV Japan has recently released a 17 minute video clip regarding the World’s Largest Hamburger Team Eating Championship:

Team Japan vs. Team USA. this event aired in Japan during primetime TV on March 20, 2008.

The history channel is scheduled to release its footage of the contest sometime in May 2008


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