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Sunday, December 13th, 2009: 5th Annual Zan’s

Americas best tasting Kosher Deli National Potato Latke Eating Championship

Saturday Evening Post: Zans Naional Potato Latke Eating Championship -WINTER FUN

The Times Article

The 5th Annual Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship appeared in Newsday, Dec 14th, 2009


135 Alexander Ave

Lake Grove NY 11755

Length of Contest:  8:00 Minutes


Winner: Don Moses Lerman NY 31 Latkes $400 Americas Undisputed #1 Latke Eating Champ

10-26-2009: Warrior vs. Warrior Steak Eating Challenge (Kenya vs. USA)


Team-USA wins Warriors vs. Warirors Steak Eating Championship

Date:  October 29th 2009                                                 

Food Item: 110 oz steak

Location: Uncle Jacks Steakhouse in NYC


Winning Team-Team USA

Paul Pork Slap Arcaria and Arnie Chowhound Chapman

Time 10:11

LeMarti Loyenpan & Boni Kandari

Time 13:58

This competition along with other exploits by the Kenyans (Such as their visit to a Texas Cattle Ranch)Kenyan Cowboys prepare for Steak Eating Championship will be featured in a National Geographic Documentry entitled Two Guys from Kenya in the spring of 2010

9/26/09: FATBURGER "The Last Great Hamburger Stand" National Hamburger Eating Championship

5288 Sunrise Hwy
Massapequa Park NY 11762


1. Ian The Invader Hickman National FATBURGER Eating Champion $750

9 FATBURGERS in 7 Minutes

FATBURGER: Could be the World’s Best Hamburger

The Fatburger National Hamburger Eating Championship is contracted to ALL PRO EATING Promotions. Registration/selection of contestant/performers is the exclusive trust of ALL PRO EATING Promotions.

Video of Heat #2 Natl Fatburger Eating Championship

Featured on News 12:  Video Clip

8/3/09: Carnegie Deli-United Pickle World Pickle Eating Championship


 World Famous Carnegie Deli

Winner:  Gabe "The Big Jewish Guy" Kassel: 2.85 lbs in 5:00 Minutes

Carnegie Deli World Pickle Eating Contest 2009-The Bronx Times, Article and contest Video  Emceed by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.

7/19/09: 4th Annual American Meatball Eating Championship


Winner:   Tom "Goose" Gilbert  50 Meatballs in 7 Minutes *New World Record


7/18/09: 4th Annual Pastrami Joe’s World Reuben Eating Championship



Marshal Michigan                           

Marshal’s popular Summer Blues Festival Marshal Michigan Blues Festival

                                                Best Deli Sandwiches in the West                                                    


Winner:  Tom "Goose" Gilbert

               6 Monster Reuben Sandwiches in 8 minutes   *New World Record                                  

Battle Creek Enquirer

7/12/09: Caribbean Food Eating Championships

     -Laker Quassy, Middlebury CT-  


The Best Caribbean Food Products Anywhere                                                                                        

The Best Jamaican Bakery in the Universe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Winners:

Ian "The Invader" Hickman  Sterling VA,       America’s #1 Bun & Cheese Baron

"King George" Van Laar, Rosell Park NJ       Nat’l Beef Patty Python

New Haven Advocate


5/23/09: 4th Annual Delaplane National Strawberry Eating Championship

  Sky Meadows State ParkHunt Country Virginia

Winner:  Tom "Goose" Gilbert 7.63 Lbs

America’s best Strawberry Festival

Proceeds from the festival are used to support the Ministries and Outreach programs of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Delaplane Va.

Washington Post

5/3/09: World Taco Eating Championships, Peoria Arizona

Contest Format & rules:  Soft Shell Tacos. A two tiered 3 & 3 format will be in affect. There was a three minute qualifying round followed by a three minute Championship round.  Food Warriors who qualify for Championship round carried their totals into the final three minute chow-down. 

Sandbar Mexican Grill-9868 West Northern Ave, Peoria AZ, 85345  623-877-6444

Winner:  Mark Lyle "the Human Vacuum" columbus Ohio 30.00 Tacos 6 Min $500  & the title of World’s #1 Taco Eating Champion

 Tacos were 3 oz a piece       

Sandbar Mexican Grill AZ

Metro Mix Phoenix Article

Article Appearing in the AZ Republic

You Tube Video

4/18/09: National College Eating Championships


National College Eating Championships featured North America’s best Collegiate Food Warriors and will be part of the exciting College Action sports Network’s "Alt Games" which will air on CBS May 16th & 21st. ,2009.  This event occurred at the popular WaveHouse in San Diego California. 

2009 College Eating Champions: Will "The Champ" Millender Kingsborough CC       51 Mac & Cheese Balls       $1,000

Photo Gallery: Page 1, Page 2


4/16-17/2009: Jack in the Box Fraternity Relay Eating Championships



4/16/09   San Diego  State   5155 College Ave,  San Diego, CA 92115



4/17 /09 University of California at Riverside -3886 Chicago Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507 

Delta Tau Delta vs. Alpha Phi Alpha



4/4/09: Blue Baker’s World Chocolate Chip Cookie Eating Championship, College Station Texas

Held during the 4th annual Cookies for Kids Day benefiting Children’s Miracle Network

Winner: Tom "Goose" Gilbert who established a new World Standard by eating an incredible 20.5 monster (4 oz per) chocolate chip cookies  in only 6 minutes!

BlueBaker 1st heat Qualifier Page1

Heats 2 and 3-Page 2

Blue Baker Finals – Page 3

Blue Bakers Baby Blues – Page 4  

Little Boy & Girls Blues Division-Page 5

Not so little boys and girls Divisions -Page 6  

Junior Blues and Teens- Page 7                           

**Big Thanks to Ms. Jackie Gilles who took all of the above fantastic pictures.  Jackie is a photographer for the University of Texas in Austin.  Because of her great skills we will be able to re-live the fun & excitement of the World Chocolate Chip Cookie Eating Championship!

Article Appearing in Texa A&M Newspaper

Article Appearing in the Eagle


2/21/09: 3rd Annual Mid-West Chili Eating Championship, Canton Ohio

During the annual Chili Open
Sponsored by North Canton Rotary Club

New World Record established by Bob "Killer" Kuhns with 10.5 LBS!


Interview on WHBC1480


2/8/09: USA vs Canada Team Slider Eating Competition-Burlington, Ontario Canada

Sponsors: Kayak.com Kayak Meets all your travel needs

Production crew from "The TV Made Me Do it " Canadian Reality TV Show filmed the event for the 11th Episode to air late May 2009 on TV Tropolis      

Team USA edges Canada by less than 2/3 of a slider!

(83 sliders vs. 82.33 sliders)

North American Team Slider Eating Champions: TEAM-USA (Maurizio, Kordalski, Martinez, Rauscheder)

Individual Champion:  "Furious" Pete Czerwinski 36 Sliders & 5 Sliders in 1 minute Championship eat-off

Video Clip for TV Made Me Do it Canada


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