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12-31-2010:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

2010-Trust  only ALL PRO Eating Updates

Check out this great gift Chowhound Chapman got from his wife ….He owes the lovely Debbster Big time!

1st row: Chef One Dumpling eating competition, Bob’s Burgers San Diego TV show promotion show airs 1/5/11; Just Eat It our philosophy; World Chicken Salad Sandwich Eating Championship Chicago, Il; Caribbean food delight Bun and Cheese Mount Vernon; 2nd line: Metro Burger EC Akron, OH; Bartolinis Meatball EC Milothian, Il; Back of ACE tshirt; U-Square National Food Court EC Madison, WI; Fiesta Bowl National Ball Park Frank EC Tempe, Az; 3rd row: Pastrami Joe’s World Reuben EC Marshall MI; Backyard Burger National Hamburger EC Memphis TN; CHOWHOUND; Backyard Burger Qualifiers: Oklahoma, North Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi; Dickie’s National Pulled Pork EC Delaware, OHio, Texas, Arizona 4th row: Blue Bakers Chocolate Chip Cookie EC Collegetown, Tx; Farmer Boys Fried Zucchini EC Riverside, CA; All Pro tshirt; US vs Canada North American Slider EC Ontario Canada; National Quick Check Toasted Sub EC New Jersey balloon festival 5th row: National Wing Stop Chicken Wing EC Pine bluff AR; Royal Caribbean Bakery National Beef Patty EC Middleberry CT; Stutter’s Annual Steer Burger EC Albany, NY; USA vs. Japan World Eating Championships Tokyo Japan; Windmill National 1/4 lb Hot Dog EC Belmar NJ


12-26-2010: The Royal Palace of King George Van Laar Announce birth of Grand Daughter and future Queen Julia Antoinette Van Laar

The powerful, courageous, and all mighty KING GEORGE Van Laar & Queen Susan have announced the birth of their  precious Grand Daughter Julia Antoinette Van Laar to King George’s heir (son) Prince Michael and and Princess Lauren.  The Food and Land Hungry King George has already planned the annexation of several large states in order to make room for his future Grand Children. Although the Lovable Van Laar adores his Grand Daughter If Prince Michael and Princess Lauren do not produce a male heir for the uncompromising "Monarch of Munch" be assured that many heads will roll.  It appears that Prince Michael mustn’t only establish himself as a mighty warrior on the battlefield but he must also establish himself as a warrior in the bedroom!


12-25-2010: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Kwanzaii and Holidays to one and All!

–  Remember, Forget the Leftovers !!


Make it your goal this holiday to help the environment by saving on doggy bags and having 2nds, 3rd, 4th, 5th..It’s all good!







12/16/2010:  Wisconsin State Journal Announcement of USquare National Food Court Eating & WI Collegiate Eating Championship

Wisconsin State Journal Championship Contest Announcement

Prize structure for the National Food Court Eating championship and the Wisconsin Collegiate Eating Championship on Saturday, February 5, 2011


Prize Structure for the Professional/Amateur Division

1.  $1,250 + 16gb iPad and Apple iPad case. 

You will be crowned America’s "Most Complete Eathalete"  & entitled to all the accolades and privileges( Groupies, Fan Clubs, Hero to Mall aficionados everywhere ) associated with this honorable distinction & title  
2. $   600
3. $   300


Prize Structure for the Collegiate Division

1. $500 + iPod Nano

You will be recognized as the #1 Collegiate food Warrior in the hungry state of Wisconsin
2. $200
3, $100










2/15/201:  Tiny Tim Hangs up the Spoon

Tiny Tim Rauscheder has informed ALL PRO Eating that he will say farewell to competitive eating.  Tim, who has proudly displayed his sexy body from Budweiser (or should I say body from Schlitz) and has changed course of action and will focus on the goal of losing weight and getting his health in order.  Not only is ALL PRO Eating losing a great Food Warrior, but will lose a man at the the competitive eating table who is one of the great picnic style eaters of his time, but we are also losing a Food Warrior whose loyalty, personality and sense of humor is unmatched. When asked who symbolizes the spirit, character and integrity of a Food Warrior, Mr. Tim Rauscheder has to be the king of the hill in this regard. Tim’s loyalty & service to ALL PRO Eating was second to none as he defended ALL PRO Eating from the many jealous antagonists who have attempted to discredit us. Fear not, because ALL PRO Eating looks forward to a continued relationship with Tiny Tim as Judge Co-Emcee and/ or marketing representative.  The fact of the matter is that Tiny is too valuable valuable to let go.  In the mean time, lets support Tim as he begins the difficult task of losing weight and getting his health together.

Tiny:  Thanks for all you have done and for representing the values & principles of the mighty Food Warrior.  We love you Man!!



Eater Introductions National Latke Eating Championship

-6th Annual National Potato Latke Eating Championship Professional Division Dec 5th, 2010



Captions to Pics for the National Potato Latke Eating contest have just been added   Sorry for the delay!


12/7/10 Photo Gallery- Ann’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship

Amateur Competition Page 1. Pro Competition Page 2;   Kids Applesauce Eating Contest-Page 3



12-5-2010 "Munchin" Mike Longo captures Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship in Lake Grove NY

Long Island native son "Munchin" Mike Longo battled several other Food Warriors at Zan’s Kosher Deli to highlight the Annual Zan’s Hanukah Celebration. 2010 represented another tightly contested Food Fight as Munchin Mike Longo proved to be more than battle ready as he methodically, and at times rhythmically devoured the Potato Delights, to finish with 24.9 Latkes in eight minutes and the prestigious title of National Potato latke Eating Champ.  Longo now makes his home in Virginia but felt a great sense of satisfaction winning the National Eating Title in his home region of Long Island New York. Mike was trailed closely by another Marine (Former) and Eating Legend Don "Moses" Lerman who kept the younger Longo honest with an impressive 24.0 Latke performance.  In third place was Mike "the "Real Skinny" Hoffman who after many attempts since the inaugural 2005 event, finally finished in the winner’s circle with a stellar 23.90 performance.  Breathing down his back, was "The Real Skinny’s " nemesis Chris "The American" Schlesinger who consumed 23.78 Latkes. In fifth place was Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky who had hoped for a top-three finish but was only able to mange 20.5 Latkes, which is well below his personal best of 25.1 Potato Latkes he achieved in 2009.   Legendary Matzo Ball Eater "Skinny" Scott Soifer, after a five year hiatus, returned to the competitive eating table and showed his love for latkes by downing a respectable 17.9 Latkes. Lynbrrok native Allen "The Inhaler" Feldman who was predicted to be among the the top finishers ran into an Apple Sauce Quagmire (He used too much Apple Sauce) and fell below his 2009 25-Latke performance with a 17 Latkes, minus two to Latkes for violating the 30 second no chipmunking rule.   Although disappointed, the gutsy Feldman may have learned a valuable lesson and should not be counted out as a threat in future contests. In Eighth place was Skylar "The Latke-nater" Demyer who got her first taste of professional competition and finished with 10 Potato Latkes.


The Amateur Division : Was once again an exciting event as 16 year old Josh "Buzz Saw Jackson" Speigel consumed a remarkable 14 Potato Latkes in only 5 minutes, defeating both of his brothers in dominating fashion. In second place was young Speigel’s 19year old brother Jacob "Jake" Speigel who was unable to keep pace with his hungry younger brother but still managed a very respectable 12 Potato Latkes in only five minutes.  In third Place was George "Mr. Potato Head" (Yes, he does have a potato head) Hsu who took the third spot with an enthusiastic 11.1 Latke performance.



The Kids Applesauce Eating Contest:

Was another exciting event that was not without controversy as 13 year old Emily "the Apple Sauce Boss" Patrick edged out the 11 year old Austin "Puppy Chow" Chapman by less than .001 of an ounce eating more than a quart of Apple Sauce.  "Puppy Chow" downed his two pint containers of Apple Sauce in only 1:08 seconds leaving both contestants and spectators in awe.  Apparently, Chapman was directed by a judge (His Mother) to stop eating after consuming a quart of Apple Sauce but was told by another judge  (his father) to continue.  The confused Chapman, thinking he had already won, continued to slowly eat his third container of Applesauce, thinking he had the victory in hand (Perhaps "In stomach" is a better term) not knowing that there had been a change in rules (that only his father was aware of), which gave the determined Emily Patrick time to slowly catch the 11 year old eating machine.  In third place was12 year old William "Foodster" Fondacaro who used both intelligence and determination (along with the threat from his father that he better finish in the top three or he would be grounded) to take the third spot.


Professional Division

1. "Munchin" Mike Longo                       25.9   $400  2010 National Potato latke Eating Champ 


2.  Don "Moses" Lerman                          24.0   $200


3. Mike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman      23.80  $100


4. Chris "The American" Schlesinger     23.78 

5. Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky               20.5

6 "Skinny" Scott Soifer                             17.9

7. Allen "The Inhaler" Feldman              15.0 (2 Latke Penalty for violating the 30 second no chipmunking rule)  

8. Skylar "The Latka-nater" Demyer      10.0

Amateur Division

1. Josh "Buzz Saw" Jackson Speigel    $50 Gift Certificate to Zan’s

2. Jacob "Jake" Speigel                            $20

3.George "Mr. Potato Head" Hsu        $10

Kids Apple Sauce Eating Contest

1.  Emily"The Apple Sauce Boss" Patrick   1 Quart  + 1/3 pint   $20

2.  Austin "Puppy Chow" Chapman            1 Quart  + 1/3 pint   $10

3.  William "The Foodster" Fondacaro         1 Quart                    $5



12/5/2010:  King George de-crowned by a Spare Rib!!!

Just in from the Castle of King George Van Laar:  As King George was dining on Spare Ribs, being fed to him by his lovely female servants he broke a crown on one of his molers and will not be able to attend the 6th Annual National Potato Latke Eating Contest today at Zan’s Kosher Deli Lake Grove New York.  Rumor and speculation have already impacted this unfortunate turn events for our Munching Monarch.   It has been reported by an unnamed Court Jester that Queen Georgette walked into the Royal Dining room and witnessed the beautiful female servants hand feeding the Great King and gave the Romeo Monarch a roundhouse which jarred his crown. Apparently, the King had to give Queen Georgette a treasure chest of jewels, silver and gold in order for her to forget the unfortunate incident. 


12/4/2010:  Chowhound’s Notoriously inaccurate Predictions for Zan’s 6th Annual National Potato latke Eating Championship

Chowhound Predicts a Jewish Sweep !

I’ve said it before and I will say it again:  When it comes to Potato Latkes The Food Warrior does not determine who the Potato Latke Eating Prince will be…The Potato Latke picks the Champion.  The power, mystique, tradition and magic associated with the mighty Potato Latke will take no prisoners tomorrow, December 5th at Zan’s Kosher Deli in Lake Grove New York.  When the Latke dust settles, it is predicted tha the top three spots will go to Jewish Eaters with Ex-Marine Don Lerman leading the charge.

Zans Logo

1.  Don "Moses" Lerman                       35.00

2.  Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky            32.00

3.  Allen "The Inhailer" Feldman           30.50

4.  "Munchin" Mike Longo                    30.25

5.   "King George" Van Laar                  30.10

6.   Mike "The Real" Skinny Hoffman   28.00


12/1/2010:   NEWSDAY Announcement of Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship


11/29/2010:     Press Release for upcoming episode of the Food Network’s Outragious Foods at America’s #1 Italian Food Family Resaurant:

Bartolini Press Release for Outrageous Foods episode 12-3-2010



11/20/2010:    Press Release for Zan’s Annual National Potato Latke Eating Championship

Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship





11/17/2010  Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship Field Growing

King George Van laar has proclaimed his annexation of the 2010 National Potato Latke Eating Championship.  when hearing that fellow Old School Gobbler Don "Moses" Lerman was returning to defend his title, "King George" Van Laar decided to ONCE AGAIN, come out of retirement and show solidarity with fellow Legend "Moses" Lerman while simultaneously schooling the younger Food Warriors. There are rumors circulating that "Munchin Mike" Longo will also enter the contest.  No doubt Longo’s methodical approach and deep stomach capacity will serve him well if he decides to battle the mighty Zan’s Kosher Potato Latke on Dec 5th, 2010. Also, Longo who now makes his home in Virginia, is originally from Long Island, and is familiar with the Kosher-Style Potato Latke and will not be intimidated by it’s density.


11/13/10-The 6th Annual Zan"s National Potato Latke Eating Championshipto – on line registration


11/13/2010    Mike"The Real Skinny" Hoffman proclaims that the 2010 National Potato Latke Eating Contest will be the year of "The Real Skinny"

Mike "The Real Skinny" Hoffman, a mild mannered Accountant and Competitive Eater is not prone to boasting.  So, when "The Real Skinny" says it is his year to win the 6th Annual Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Championship, we think he is on to something.  Wether the mild mannered and good guy Accountant applied scientifically sound mathmatical and engineering principles to a newly developed eating strategy is anybodys guess. However, Skinny’s experience and understanding of latke consumption would certainly make him a feared competitor in 2010.  Also, competing will be returning Champ and Legendary lunch liquidator, Don "Moses" Lerman who is one of competitive eating’s most decorated and storied Food Warriors. New York City Taco Champion and last year’s runner up, Paul "Pork Slap" Arcaria also has the speed and desire to take home the title in 2010. Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky, a veteran of the Latke circuit and the Brooklyn Knish Eating Champ also has the prerequisite creds to walk away with the title and $400 in Cash.

11/12/2010   Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman & Ian "The Invader" Hickman appear in National Food Court Eating Championship Commercial

The NEWEST Commercial with Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman and Ian "The Invader" Hickman! Check it out!!! These are rotating on ESPN, Badger basketball and football games, The Conan Show, and PRIME TIME spots on The Travel Channel, Food Network, Speed, FX, SyFy, MTV and several others!


Round 1 The Invader vs. Carlos Lunch Time Lazano

Round 2: Ian The Invader vs. Kevin The Cobra Cobb

Round 3: The Invader vs. Pork Chop Petersen

The Invader Chills-Out with Ice Cream as Chowhound gets it wrong, again!



11/12/2010  Zan’s Deli announces 6th Annual National Potato Latke Eating Championship

Zan’s National Potato Latke Eating Contest has been set for Dec 5th, 2010 at 1:00 PM.  Eater check-in will be 12:00 noon. There will be a limited number of spots so register as soon as the on-line registration is posted.  Much more info to follow.

1st Place   $400, 2nd Place  $200, 3rd Place   $100

On line registration should be posted soon.  Any questions please contact Chowhound@competitiveEaters.com



11/11/09 – Happy Veteran’s Day to all the Veterans!! Thank you for your sacrifice

Thank You to all our Vets who have served in the Armed Forces.Also we would like to pay special tribute to ALL PRO/AICE Veterans.

Munching Mike Longo     USMC   SGT   Current Active duty Member

Don "Moses"Lerman USMC 1967-1972 CPL

Arnie "Chow Hound" Chapman US Army, Infantry-DMZ/Manchu Ranger

Angel "Troglodyte" Chiriboga-US Army, Nuclear. Biological & Chem Spec.

Alex "The Texas Tornado" Thomas-Current US Army Reserve Transpo-corp

Paul "Pork-Slap" Arcaria US Coast Guard-Auxilary Officer

If we missed acknowledging any veteran’s please let us know.


10/24/10 – Chris ”The Mad Greek" Abatsas is Crowned the Prince of Pumpkin-Consumption and new World Record Holder for the 8 minute Hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest.

 Video of Pumpkin-Pie-Eating-contest-in-Clarence NY


Buffalo News


All Hail, Chris Abatsas, the new Prince of "Pumpkin Consumption!"

Just like a hungry God from the awe inspiring stories of Greek Mythology, The "Mad Greek" Abastas emerged on the National Picnic Style Competitive Eating Stage and demonstrated an insane and ferocious appetite while capturing The Great Pumpkin Farm World Hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship. The Mad Greek was psychotic with hunger as he straight-jacketed the competition while tenaciously devouring 25 pumpkin pie pieces, each weighing 3.5 oz. a piece. The Mad Greek, who showed there was nothing mythological regarding his eating skills ate with passion and flare and proved himself to be a Food Warrior and a an Eatertainer. Not only is The "Mad Greek" the newly crowned Prince of Pumpkin-Consumption he has set a new 8:00 Minute Hands-Free World Record of 5.47 lbs.  All Pro Eating Chairman Arnie "Chowhound" Chapman, states, ‘When you consider that the World Record in a traditional contest 5.89 lbs in five minutes contest, the 5.5 lb Hands-Free performance is very impressive indeed’ In 2nd place was Eating legend Jamin Joe Larue who also put up excellent numbers as he consumed an impressive 21 3.5oz pieces of pumpkin pie for a total of 4.6 lbs and took home $500. The 6′ 7” 325 lbs Larue seem to struggle with his rhythm in the first four minutes but got his flow in the latter stages. However it was to late for the Kentucky resident as Abatsas had a commanding lead and never looked back.. This Building Contractor from Cleveland Ohio has also established himself as Cleveland’s #1 Competitive Eater by defeating Eathalete-Supreme "Tiny" Tim Rauscheder and Kevin "The Lion" Kordalski . The ”Greek God of the Gutt’  Chris "The Mad Greek" Abatsas took home the coveted Pumpkin Trophy and $750 and a World Title & Record in one of competitive eating’s most difficult food items. "Tiny" Tim faced off with competitive eating superstar "Munchin"’ Mike Longo in a extra round to determine 3rd & 4th place.   Both Food Warriors went bite for bite for three additional pumpkin pie pieces . In a crowd stimulating act of celebration, "Tiny"who has recently been at the losing end of several very closely fought food fights, pounded the wall behind the stage in total exhilaration as the crowd went wild, feeding off of Tiny’s energy. In another exciting Eat-Off to determine 5th place Kevin "The Lion" Kordalski square off against newcomer and Buffalo resident "Scar Face" Tony Arroyo to determine the final money spot. Kordalski’s experience proved to be the deciding factor as he out sprinted the gutsy "Scar Face"to capture the final spot. 

Kudos to the following Food Warriors who battled the might pumpkin pie..Without using their hands

Emily "The First Family of Competitive Eating" Hamilton-Kennedy,  John "Pappy" Weiss

1. Chris The “Mad Greek” Abatsas OH $750        25 Pieces    5.5 lbs World Hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Champion & WR Holder
2. “Jamin Joe” Larue                      KY $500         21               4.6 lbs  
3. “Tiny Tim “Rauscheder,            OH $250         17               3.8 lbs
4. “Munchin” Mike Longo             VA $100         17               3.8 lbs   
5.   Kevin “ The Lion Kordalski”   OH $50           16               3.5 lbs

6. "Scar Face" Tony Arroyo           NY                  16               3.5 lbs

7t.  Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky    NJ                   13                2.9 lbs

7t.  "Big Bad Bill" Renczkowski   NY                   13                2.9 lbs

7t.  Phillip Aguilar                          NY                   13                2.9 lbs          

8.   Monica "MoMo" Mcgovern     CA                  12                 2.6 lbs     



10-18-2010   World Hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship is not on Saturday..It is on Sunday October 24th

Some Food Warriors may have gotten the date for the Great Pumpkin Farm World Hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship mixed up…..Please take note that the CONTEST IS ON SUNDAY..If you show up on Saturday Coondog O’karma will put you to work!


Check-in:  No later than 11:15 AM, Sunday, October 24th, 2010



10-19-2010 The Hungry Genius is losing his mind

Todd "The Hungry Genius" Greenwald from the USquare Food Court has just informed ALL PRO  Eating that first place for the USquare Food Court National Eating Championship & National Collegiate Eating Championship will now have a technical dimemsion. First place in the Professional Division will get, in addition to $1,250 prize money, a 16gb iPad and Apple iPad case.  In the Collegiate Division a a iPod Nano will be added to the $500 first Place Prize.

Now that is Sweeeeeeeeet!


9/27/2010 – Pumpkin Pie Pundits square off during the Great Pumpkin Farm Hands Free World Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship

You can feel it in the air can’t you?  That’s right, the great colors, smells and sights of Autumn and the excitement and fun associated with a traditional fall time festival.   ALL PRO Eating and the Great Pumpkin Farm are also excited as they get ready for the big showdown during the Great Pumpkin Farm World hands-Free Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship  on Sunday October 24th, 2010 . ALL PRO Director of Operations, Dave "Coondog" O’Hara announced the line up of Featured Food Warriors which includes champion Eaters from Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Ohio & Virginia for this World Champion Chowdown.  Expected to compete will be  "Tiny" Tim Rauscheder, Kevin "The Lion" Kordalski, Pat "The Viper" Viviano, "Munchin" Mike Longo, " Jamming" Joe Larue & Joel "The Cannon" Podelsky. 


With it’s first foray into the arena of Hands-Free Competitive Eating on October 23, 24th, 2010 in Clarence New York , ALL PRO Eating Promotions & Great Pumpkin Farm of Clarence,New York have assembled a crack team of technical and creative consultants who have, after extensive efforts and debate, drafted the contest Format & Rules for this epic World Eating Championship.  The format will have a "Last Food Warrior Standing" followed by a Speed Eating component to determine the winners:


  ********************LAST PERSON STANDING PHASES********************

1st Pumpkin Phase:  Food Warriors will be given Five pieces of Pumpkin Pie, each on a single white paper plate and will have to consume the five pieces observing traditional Hands-Free Rules prior to the completion of three minutes. It does not matter when a Food Warrior finishes during the this 3-minute round only that he/she finishes before the three minute mark.  Anybody not completing the five pieces during the first Pumpkin Phase will be removed and possibly laughed away from the honorable Pumpkin Table.

**There will be exactly two minutes between each Pumpkin Phase: Some Eaters leave and volunteers re-set the table for next Phase

2nd Pumpkin Phase: Remaining Food Warriors will be given Five pieces of Pumpkin Pie, each on a single white paper plate and will have to consume the five pieces observing traditional Hands-Free Rules within a three minute time limit. . It does not matter when a Food Warrior finishes during the this 3-minute round. Anybody not completing the five pieces during the first Pumpkin Phase will be heckled and labeled as pretenders and removed from the honorable Pumpkin Table and sent back to Competitive Eating School.

Two minutes: Some Eaters leave and volunteers re-set the table for next Phase

******************CHAMPIONSHP PUMPKIN PIE SPEED ROUND****************                                                                                       

Masters of the Pumpkin Phase: Those making it to this Pumpkin Phase will be nursing 10 pieces of Pumpkin Pie as they get ready to face off against the best of the best in a five minute, hands-free battle for $1,625 dollars in prize money and the title of  "Supreme Master of the Pumpkin Pie".  Food Warriors will be each given 10 pieces of Pumpkin Pie on separate plates.  The Lunch Lunatic who eats the most after the five minute championship phase will be crowned  the " Great Master of the Pumpkin".  Prize money will be awarded to top five finishers: 1) $750, 2) $500, 3) $250, 4). $100, 5) $50

General Rules

– Picnic Style rules apply in regard to the use of  Water & Pumpkin Pulverizing. (This will be explained at the onset of the food fight)

-Food Warriors will be allowed to manipulate the paper plate as long as they do not use their hands or use the plate to squeeze or disfigure the precious Pumpkin Pie. 

-Food Warriors risk a stern warning, ridicule and possible disqualification if there is excessive debris in their pumpkin circumference

-Food Warriors will be allowed to use their hands in order to drink water.  No hot beverages permitted

-Normal prohibitation regarding "Unhappy Returns" will be in effect


9/25/2010 Competitive Eating Personalities take center stage at USquare Food Court in Madison WI October 5th, 6th, 2010

Staring Ian "The Invader" Hickman






with Long Island’s own "Champion of Chomp" Arnie Chowhound Chapman

Special Instructions for participants in October 5th & 6th USquare Food Court Commercial

– Please wear appropriate clothing with no visible "commercial
brand" logos (Nike, Professional Sports Team, etc.). If in doubt, a
plain T-Shirt is always acceptable.
– Be prepared for taping of a one-on-one eating competition. We
are hand selecting participants for the actual commercial and telling
everyone to "be ready".
– You will be required to sign a release(s).
– Please bring identification.


>9/24/2010 – The Crocidile Coker featured in newspaper article

Ian The Crocidile Coker featured in news article

Ian the Crocodile Coker featured in News Article. This kid represents the spirit of competitive eating. As the article states he has a big brain, stomach and plenty of courage. Also, if you spend five minutes with this Grad Student & Australian Air Force Officer you will soon find out about his terrific sense of humor & deep love for a pint of ale. This kid is in America and he is enjoying himself by eating America one bite at a time.



9/20/2010 – Hickman to be featured in local TV Commercial for USquare Food Court


Despite his best efforts to avoid the camera champion Food Warrior Ian "The Invader" Hickman cannot seem to escape the lense. Such will be the case when Hickman, who will be featured in a USquare Food Court commercial on October 5th & 6th, 2010 and will face off against several challengers in short eating exhibitions. It is expected that many students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison will comprise many of the challengers and spectators who will be part of the production. In addition, Chowhound Chapman will also have a supporting role in the production.
According to ALL Pro Eating Director, Dave "Coondog" O’Karma: "The commercial will be an outstanding way to begin the march toward crowning "Wisconsin’s top Collegiate Long Belly and "America’s #1 Food Court Eating Felon." O’Karma encourages students wishing to compete against Ian "The Invader" Hickman during the commercial, to apply as soon because there are a limited number of these spots for the commercial. "However", O’Karma explains, "There should be plenty of room for student groups also interested in participating as spectators."
Announcement for USquare Competitive Eating Commercial Participation

Announcement for USquare Competitive Eating Commercial Participation

Facebook for National Food Court Eating Championship


America’s #1 Food Court-Usquare!



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