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All Pro Eating recognizes the importance of an Eating Record and the dramatic impact it has for our business partners, record holders and record challengers.

We believe in the incomparable power of an official Eating Record that is accurate, enforceable and impressive. All Pro Eating also believes that any Eating Record should be done in a controlled environment with proper supervision and competent staff including trained and qualified EMT personnel. Our respect and devotion to the complete Eating Record “process” is unmatched and unlike any other organization in the World.

All Pro Eating is the innovator and developer of “Picnic Style Rules” which we use at all of our Eating Record attempts and events – These rules simply state that the food being eaten must be eaten as intended and as presented. The food cannot be manipulated by dunking it in liquids (which is not only disgusting but also goes against the very basic and fundamental characteristics of “eating”) nor can it be torn apart or modified in any way. These strict rules allow for a very real and very valid Eating Record and are unlike any other Organization that claims to validate Eating Records. Picnic Style Rules demand eating perfection which supports our distinct and pure Eating Records.

An All Pro Eating authenticated and certified Eating Record is officially one of the World’s only genuine and legitimate Eating Records. An All Pro Eating Record is not a “food drinking” record, it does not include fabricated results and All Pro Eating will never lower our standards or dishonor an Eating Record Sponsor, partner, participant, record holder, venue or event.  

All Pro Eating celebrates each and every new Eating Record with our business partners and record holders. A newly recognized Eating Record should be applauded as a feat of excellence and should be done with passion, intensity and enthusiasm.Big Burger

When All Pro Eating is involved with your Eating Record, we are able to engage with an audience, interact with a demographic and deliver results that would not happen without our unique appeal and exclusive oversight. Whether you are a business looking to differentiate yourself from competitors, interact with your customers or attract media attention or if you are an individual looking to prove your determination to be an Eating Record holder, All Pro Eating is the single respected source to take an ordinary Eating Record attempt event and make it extraordinary.

Lastly, All Pro Eating is not a “World Record Company” that mass produces records simply to stay in business. We have a long and rich history as the World’s only Independent Competitive Eating Organization and the authority for Food and Eating Records. Our goals are to advance your business, promote your Record Attempt and set you apart as a holder of an official Eating Record while guarding the most admired and honored Eating Record database!


Contact All Pro Eating today to explore how we can assist with your Eating Record event or attempt and develop an Official Eating Record campaign that delivers incredible interest and attention!

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