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All Pro Eating Promotions is the world-wide leader in developing first class Eating Championships for our Event Sponsors that include a full marketing and promotional campaign. The goal of each and every Eating Championship is to provide a dynamic way to have an immediate impact on the demand for our Sponsors’ product and business. An All Pro Eating Promotions sanctioned Eating Championship instantly differentiates a Sponsor’s product and business from their competitors.

All Pro Eating Promotions has a proven method for the management of an Eating Championship that increases the overall entertainment, exposure and impression for our Sponsors. We have established relationships with some of the largest media outlets and provide an opportunity for local, national and global media to get involved with our sanctioned events and contests. All Pro Eating Promotions is a recognized industry leader that has the knowledge, passion and devotion to Competitive Eating and your goals – We have always exceeded the expectations placed on our promises!

Our involvement with the media includes a long list of major television, radio and print companies, networks and publications. All Pro Eating Promotions Competitive Eaters have been featured in books, movies, television shows, magazines and almost every other type of mass media, news media, multimedia and social media. Additional information can be found on our Media & Appearances Page.

All Pro Eating Promotions is available to discuss your Eating Championship event or contest. We would like the opportunity to explore how an Eating Championship can provide your business and brand with the exposure and recognition that it deserves!

Please contact us via Email HungryGenius@CompetitiveEaters.com or call (608) 770-1118 to schedule a consultation.


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For more information email HungryGenius@CompetitiveEaters.com or call the All Pro Eating Main Office at (608) 719-2699.
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