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When All Pro Eating was first formed, we recognized the need to stabilize and standardize the rules of Competitive Eating by creating a Code of Ethics known as Picnic Style Rules.

Picnic Style Rules prohibit the use of Pre-Masticated Performance Enhancing Techniques (PPET) which are widely used throughout other Competitive Eating Contests. All Pro Eating Promotions only sanctions Competitive Eating events and contests that enforce the marketability of the Sponsor’s food. A Competitive Eating event or contest should hold the Sponsor’s food in the highest regard and the food should be eaten in a manner that is entertaining but also keeps the food intact and presentable.

All Pro Eating believes that Picnic Style Rules provide an elegance and respect both to the Competitive Eaters participating in an All Pro Eating sanctioned event or contest and also to the Sponsor’s food. The elimination of dipping, dunking, desecration and mutilation of our Sponsor’s food in each and every All Pro Eating Promotions Competitive Eating event and contest provides the most accurate and reliable results and records in Competitive Eating.

All Pro Eating Promotions is proud to say that not only are we the innovators of Competitive Eating’s Picnic Style Rules but we are the first and only "Home to Picnic
Style Rules" and hold the Trademark to prove it!


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Picnic Style Rules
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